The road diet doesn't work!...A supporter speaks





Because we need thinking citizens on the City Council

"I have proudly served..

the citizens of Spokane County for the past 25 years as a public works inspector building roads, bridges, and storm and sewer systems. None of my opponents have this type of experience. With all of our potholes, leaking water mains, main sewer lines and unsafe bridges, YOU have to decide. I am the best candidate to make sure that all the repairs are well planned and properly funded. Vote Dave White to put my name on the November ballot.

My straight forward assessment:

The Spokane city council has two primary functions it should provide the citizens':
1) Public Safety with fair Police & a strong Fire Department
2) Safe, clean water and well maintained streets, Bridges Sewers & storm drains.




Here is Dave at the City Council on July 13th, 2015. This was a special session on the topic of making Spokane a Sanctuary City. There was 4 hours of testimony, here is Dave's:



Here is Dave at the City Council on March 30th, 2015. The discussion is bike trails and bridges, millions taken from your budget to build these pet projects.





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