Rick Rydell Letter


I really wanted to call your show today but I am a county inspector and I can’t do anything political during work hours. My boss has been very open to my running but has put me on notice that any exceptions put my job at risk. I have Friday and the following Monday off and will be free to call then. I’m a person of limited means and have a wife with health issues so I can’t risk my the loss of our insurance.

You may be interested in my positions on a couple of issues. I do support Castle Doctrine and even fight not flight policy as I am a strong believer that without the 2nd amendment all the others are rendered useless. I believe in the right to bear any and all variety of arms.

I have assured the group A.B.A.T.E. that I would co-sponsor their bill to abolish the motorcycle helmet law. I don’t believe in sponsoring a nanny state. Freedom of choice is the key. If you want to wear a helmet you certainly should. However if you want the better range of vision and the better ability to hear that riding without allows, that also should be your right. I carefully looked at Steve Puccio’s file on the statistics and he has a valid case for his side in addition to the personal freedom issue.

I would like to change the license plate laws to reflect a two year period instead of one. With that, I would change the policy to one that the plate stays with the owner rather than the vehicle. If you change vehicles you remove the plate, pay a simple transfer fee of $10.00 or less and transfer it to the next vehicle. There would still be a sales tax on the purchase ( otherwise it would never have a chance of passing) but that would be it. This would make it easier for the poor to upgrade if their car breaks down. The other aspect is it would make it more difficult for DUI drivers and other non-licensed drivers to obtain a vehicle to drive. Many of them now buy auction cars with plates that are good from a previous owner and simply don’t transfer them. The auction cars are driven until they are pulled over and then they are impounded and the non-licensed driver gets a friend to bail it out or simply buys another auction vehicle with good plates.

I also would like to pass a bill eliminating the B&O tax for 5 years on new start up businesses and change the B&O tax to net rather than gross revenue for established businesses. I would actually like to completely eliminate the B&O tax, but don’t believe there are enough votes to make that happen.

In general I am not one who will be looking to add new laws but rather look for laws we can eliminate. Like you, I believe Reagan had the right idea… That less government is best government. I would like to discuss the Castle bill you are working on and anything else you might like to talk about. I work from 7:00 am to at least 5:00 pm on weekdays ( except days I take off) and then I go out to the ranch and feed the live stock. I can usually take time to chat after 7:00 pm or on weekends. I am a regular listener to both you and Mike F. but my ideals align closely to many of yours.

I hope you understand that with limited income and even more limited resources, I have to make sure I keep the job I have and keep my family as secure as I can. Keep up the good fight Rick, your show is a breath of fresh air.


Dave White
PCO-3108 and candidate for State Rep. 3rd Dist.